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A) Client: A start up company developing chipsets- Automatic Functional Test Generator

iControl is a line of automatic functional test generators based on directed random test generation techniques, suitable for use in RTL-level simulation. They are designed to simulate realistic system operation for the Device Under Test in a system validation environment. iControl introduces the notion of automatic generation of functional test from user-defined biases.

Input for iControl is a System configuration file, which basically defines components of the system like Memory, Agents etc, a Model configuration file, which defines the Models that will be used by the System, and Test Configuration files, which defines test generation strategy. iControl reads and parses these XML configuration files and creates the image of Test Controller. Using CORBA iControl connects to Simulator, which runs on different machine on the network and sends Transactions and commands to the Simulator. Simulator (like VerilogXL) executes transactions passed by iControl and returns the results to iControl. iControls’s GUI refreshes the results coming from the simulator and stores the information and compares the results with its Shadow memory.

Environment: JDK 1.2.2, Visual Café 3.0, JPadPro, Visual C++ 6.0, Apache XML Parser for Java (Xerces), SUN XML Parser for Java (JAXP), GNU C++, TAO, Corba, Window NT 4.0, Solaris 2.6, SGI-IRIX 6.5, HP-UX 10.20, TogetherJ (UML tool)

B) Client: a large VLSI tools developer- Product and Order Management System

The client is a major supplier of VLSI design tools on variety of hardware and software platforms to leader’s Hardware design. Goal of this System is to provide information about products and tools available with Cadence and it’s Customer base. This system consists of Product database, Field Order, Customer Installed Base, Contract Maintenance and Bookings Revenue Backlog. This system is designed using Oracle Application and Application Object Library. Reports are designed using Concurrent Manager from AOL.

We were involved in concurrent programs written in Pro*C and Unix Shell scripts. We were responsible for migration of this system from OA 9.3 - AOL 5.3 on Sequent - Dynix to OA 10.7 - AOL 6.1 on Sun - Solaris. This included activities of setting up new Oracle Application environment, migrating forms and PRO*C programs.

Environment: Oracle 7.3.3, Oracle Applications (OA) 10.7 and AOL 6.1.1, Pro*C 2.0 and Unix Shell Scripts, Solaris 2.5.1 on Sun Ultra