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Infoyogi is the leading information technology services, consulting, and engineering services organization that envisioned the importance of employees, clients and vendors to derive excellence in the flexible business practices. Infoyogi has been almost doubling is sales during the past 3 years of its operations and is positioned continue the growth rate in the coming years. Infoyogi perfected a unique methodology that has been proven to derive the utmost satisfaction of its clients. The company has been delivering high quality, high value services and products for IT business processes.

About 50% of Infoyogi business comes from turnkey projects and solutions consulting. Customers have been rewarding the company's reliability, responsibility, creativity, and unique ability to handle the broadest range of their needs by continually extending and deepening their partnerships with Infoyogi. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley.


Infoyogi was formed in the year 2004 when the IT market was in for a total change or in transition towards outsourcing. Sensing the opportunity the company started focused in embedded systems, Internet technologies and ASIC verification to start with. Encouraged by the instant positive response from various clients, the company went on expanding and exploring the other business opportunities and avenues.

Today, regarded as one of the premier provider of software services, Infoyogi develops, deploys and supports software solutions that help customers bring their products/applications to market faster with advanced, cutting-edge, and secure technologies.